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Step by step …

We’re going to show you how to use the Eco-Office self-service office easily and simple.

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Step 1

Sign up on our site and click on the Prices menu to choose the right ticket or pass for you. Put it in the basket and click on the Payment button to select the credit card payment.

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Step 2

Check your Inbox to make sure your purchase was successful. On the booking page book an appointment to let us know when you arrive. Within a short time you will receive an entry code from us via email.

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Step 3

Once you have received the access code you should come to the Eco-Office community Office at the time you booked. Next to the door on the right side of the wall there is a numeric panel. Enter the code you received in the email and you’re already in.

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Enjoy your work!

Feel free to look around:) Explore your new office, choose a free space, take a deep breath and inspire freely. If you take a break, make a cup of coffee or tea and drink a lot from our special water!

Simply feel good.

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Our Services

Discover the right service for you and give yourself to a truly green community.

Inspire yourself freely!

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Meeting room

If you need a location where you can conclude your impressive business or if you would go to a quiet place with your customers, select our meeting room.

Our biggest meeting room (Lecture room) with a projector and whiteboard offers a conference-table layout for up to 12 people comfortably.


Whether It’s workshops, trainings, product demonstrations you can accomplish anything in our auditorium.

Our auditorium with projector and whiteboard has a comfortable layout of 6 rows with 5 chairs per row/30 seats.

Lecture room

Group trainings, tutoring lessons, company meetings in a quiet, peaceful environment where you can acquire knowledge more efficiently.

The training room with our projector and whiteboard is equipped with an educational bench system to accommodate 8-12 people comfortably.

Members: 5000 HUF/hour
For non members: 6000 HUF/hour

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A community office in green surroundings in the heart of the city centre. This is our Eco-Office Community office. You can draw energy to work efficiently not only from the community, but also from the green environment here.
The nature-close Minigarden helps you to align with Mother Nature giving you strength, energy and inspiration.

Inspire you here with us.

Charge up yourself by the sight, the people, the unlimited amount of specially purified water, or the high-quality coffee.

Table to rent from 2000 HUF

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Laptop Rental

Did you have to take it to have it be repared or has it been stolen, crashed or you just do not have a laptop?

Rent a laptop for one or more days at the Eco-Office community office.

With a strong and fast i5 processor you can rent a Lenovo ThinkPad T510 laptop in the office without a deposit if you are using it locally but you can take it home for a 30.000 HUF deposit if you want to work at home. If you don’t need it anymore, you’ll get the deposit back when you return it.

Laptop’s rental fee is 7000 HUF/day

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Registered Office Services

This is where the company will officially be available, the official letters of the company are received, and NAV goes to this headquarters for a possible revision. On our Part it is the obligation to receive and take over letters for the company. It is advantageous because you do not need to “sacrifice” your home as the headquarters of your company.

  • Officially declared registered office, branch, branch office
  • We take over your post
  • We notify you when your new mail arrives
  • Your logo at the entrance and on our website
  • Use of a once-a-month office table
  • Office table usage on weekdays 18-20 to 24 hours * *

* * Due to the Registered Office Services Agreement, except for the monthly half-day office table, only the executive officer of the contracting client, and in case of more than two senior officials, the two appointed executive officers by the contracted client are entitled to use.

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For Businesses

Our partner CK Holding, a company for beginners and existing companies and enterpreneurs, provides a full scale service in the Eco-Office community office.

Company Formation

Our specialists will assist you already from the idea of starting a company. We will help you to choose the right company form and find the right business areas.
Our Office will help you with any issues related to company formation, so that you can put your attention on the company management.

Modifications of Company

In any modification of your existing company, whether the capital increase, membership change, location change or even a simple change of name, our office is able to provide you with the full administration of the amendment.


If you have already answered all of your questions and the termination of your company is the final solution, you are certainly at the right place with us again. Our Office helps you to conduct and manage your winding up, liquidation, insolvency.

Crisis Management, economic consultancy

By referring to our many years of company law experience, we contribute to managing and resolving the crisis. By applying the legal requirements we find the solution to any problem so that we focus especially on the interests of our client. Alarming expressions such as insolvency, reminders, execution, which can be frightening for the average entrepreneur, it may be one of the easy-to-use phrases with the experience of our office.

Liabilities Management, debt collection

Thanks to our experience gained over the years we can help you in case you have a claim. Do not finance further debitors! The recovery process will be developed keeping in mind the interests and needs of our clients. We can provide our services to the following customers: business companies, individuals, condominiums, municipalities.

For More information, call David + 36 20 419 48 76

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