What is a coworking or community office?

A coworking office is a space which is a perfect combination of an office and a cozy café environment. A place where entrepreneurs, bloggers and freelancers meet and work. A place where you can commit to your work whether you prefer to deeply focus or get inspired by the presence of others.

Let’s see what are the benefits of working from a coworking office?

Coworking space

This is not a café where you can work, it’s a workplace where you can drink coffee, meet with your clients and get inspired by the green environment.

Meeting room

Our meeting room is equipped with a projector and a flip chart board so you can give presentations, hold meetings and workshops easily and successfully.

Business Address Service

Do you need more than just an office space or meeting room? You can also register your company address here so we can handle your official letters. Get in touch with us.

Laptop Rental

It’s not easy to be a beginner entrepreneur but we are here to support you in reaching your goals. Therefore, apart from office space and meeting room you can also rent a laptop here.

What's the secret of focused and efficient work?

Imagine the end of a working day when you get up from your seat happy and satisfied. You’ve ticked off every task on your to do list and the efficient work day didn’t drain you but energised you. Sounds good, right? But we know that a freelancer’s life is not always so ideal, a lot can stand in the way of efficient work. You probably know what we are talking about if you’ve worked from home or from a café before. Are you fed up with the background noise of a café, the constant plug chase and the mandatory consuming? Would you like to work in a place which is cozy but you don’t feel like you have to keep on top of the house work?


Then you need an office!

How do we contribute to your success?


A coworking office in a green space in the heart of the city centre. This is our Eco-Office Coworking office. Here you can charge yourself up with both the friendly community and green environment which allows you to work efficiently.
The green minigarden helps you to connect with Mother Nature giving you strength, energy and inspiration.

Get inspired here with us.

Charge yourself up with the sight, the people and the unlimited purified water, or the high-quality coffee.

Table for rent from 2000 HUF

Meeting room

If you need a place where you can make your worldwide business deals or if you’d like to meet your clients at a quiet place, choose our meeting room.

Our meeting room is equipped with a projector and a white-board. It can comfortably sit 12 people with conference table layout.


Whether It’s workshops, trainings, product demonstrations you can accomplish anything in our auditorium.

Our auditorium is equipped with a projector and a white-board. It can comfortably sit 30 people using the auditorium layout (6 rows with 5 seats/row).

Lecture room

Group trainings, tutoring lessons, company meetings in a quiet, peaceful environment where you can acquire knowledge more efficiently.

Our training room is equipped with a projector and a white-board. It can comfortably sit 8-12 people using the education layout.

Book a time for your meeting or presentation. It’s fast and easy.

Business Address Service

This is where the company will be available officially, where the official letters will be received. Also, where NAV goes to in the case of a company audit. We are responsible for receiving your company’s letters. It’s a great advantage as you do not need to “sacrifice” your home as the headquarters of your company.

  • Officially registered office, headquarters, branch office
  • We will receive your post
  • We will notify you when your letter arrives
  • Your logo will be by the entrance and on our website
  • You can use an office table at our coworking space once a month
  • Use of office table on weekdays between 18-20 **


* * Only the chief officer of the business is entitled to use these services offered to our Business Address registration clients. In case there are more than two officers, only two are entitled who will need to be appointed by the client.

    Laptop Rental

    Had to take your laptop to get it repaired? Is it stolen or broken or you just don’t have one?

    Rent a laptop for one or more days at Eco-office coworking office.

    You can rent a Lenovo ThinkPad T510 laptop with a strong and fast i5 processor. If you use it in our office you can rent it without paying a deposit. You can also take it home for a 30.000 HUF deposit if you would like to work at home. If you don’t need it anymore, you’ll get the deposit back when you return it.


    Laptop rental for 7000 HUF/day (gross amount)

    For Businesses

    Our partner CK Holding, a company for starting and existing companies and enterpreneurs, provides a full scale service in the Eco-Office coworking office.

    Company incorporation

    Our experienced team can help you from your thought of founding a business. We will help you to choose the right company form and find the right business areas.
    Our office will help you with any issues related to establishing your company, so you can focus on company management.

    Modifications of Company

    We can help you with any modification of your existing business. We will do all the paperwork and administration whether it’s increasing the capital, changing members, or headquarters or just a simple business name change.


    If you already have the answers to all your questions and the final solution is to liquidate your company, you are still in the right place. We can help you out with that too. Our office helps you to conduct and manage liquidation and bankruptcy.

    Crisis Management, economic consultancy

    With our many years of company law experience, we contribute to managing and resolving the crisis. Focusing on the interests of our client we find the solution to any problem while applying the legal requirements. Alarming expressions such as insolvency, payment reminders, execution could sound frightening for an average entrepreneur. These are words that our experienced office handles easily.

    Liabilities Management, debt collection

    Thanks to our experience gained over the years we can help you in case you have a claim. Stop giving money to people who owe you! The debt collection process will be developed by keeping in mind the interests and needs of our clients. We can provide our services to the following customers: businesses, companies, individuals, condominiums and Councils.

    For More information, call David + 36 20 419 48 76

    A place where coworking takes on a whole new meaning...

    Multiple studies confirm that we are more efficient, calm and happy when we are surrounded by a green environment.

    We wanted to create a place like this. When we decided to create a coworking office we were sure of one thing: it will be different to the other ones. There are a lot of cool places in the city where you can hire a desk. However, it was important for us to be environmentally friendly and to change the usual office space to a place where you are surrounded by nature in which you get inspired by during your work.

    This is Eco Office, the place where coworking takes on a whole new meaning…

    Come in for a trial day!

    Come and try our office for a day for free! 1. Book an appointment 2. Choose a trial day 3. Come and work freely.
    Why us and not a café?

    A few reasons to try our Coworking office…

    • Working at home can make you feel lonely and isolated and it feels good to be part of a community.
    • This is a place where you can get to know people with similar interests, make friends, build your professional network or even valuable business relationships.
    • You can work a lot more efficiently here where your kids don’t bother you and you don’t feel like you have to do some house work. You also don’t have to listen to people at the table next to you talking about their date last night.
    • Even if these mentioned above don’t bother you, you can’t meet clients anywhere. It’s more professional to meet them at a stlylish office rather than an overcrowded café.
    Why choose Eco-office coworking?


    We provide the the technical equipment you need for your lecture, meeting or workshop.


    Nowadays having reliable Internet is essential to be able to work. Therefore, we provide stable and fast Wi-Fi in the whole coworking office.


    Protect your environment, be fit and healthy. Come by bicycle, you can park it in the inner courtyard for free.


    Perfect place for presentations, lectures, meetings, workshops, trainings and brainstorming


    You don’t need to go the Café next door. Here you can choose from our exclusive coffee selection. One coffee per day is free for our coworking members.


    If you’d like to have a rest or you have finished your work for the day and would like to read you can do so on our comfortable sofas. You can also choose a book from our antique book selection.


    You can drink unlimited filtered water here. You’ll love it not just for the taste but you’ll also help the environment by not using any plastic bottles.


    You can work in a quality and cozy green environment, where you can get inspired by the nature. You can network here and work efficiently. Be part of our community and you can use our office 24 hours 7 days a week.
    Be part of our community!

    Choose form our packages.

    Free Trial



    All-day ticket

    3000 Huf

    3500 huf / occasion

    Every day between 8am to 8pm

    Purified water consumption

    Short meeting room use

    24/7 office use

    Card access

    1 free coffee a day


    Half day ticket

    2000 Huf

    / occasion

    Forenoon 8 am to 2 pm

    or from 2 pm to 8 pm

    Purified water consumption

    24/7 office use

    Card access

    1 free coffee a day

    Customer Ticket

    1500 Huf

    2 hour / person

    Valid only with daily or half day tickets

    2 hours office use

    Purified water consumption

    24/7 office use

    Card access

    1 free coffee a day

    Laptop rental

    7000 Huf

    / day

    Rental for one or more days

    Intel Core I5 processzor

    15,6" LCD

    USB 2.0 plugin

    Windows operating system

    160 Gb-HDD

    You have nothing to loose, remember?

    It’s not easy to choose a place where you’ll work in the next weeks or months. It’s a high risk to commit. What if you don’t like it, don’t feel good there? Or you just simply feel like it’s not for you? Then you can say goodbye to being effective and you are left with the feeling of disappointment and that you’ve payed for nothing…

    To make sure this doesn’t happen to anyone here, we offer a FREE trial day.

    Three easy steps for your success:

    1. Register and make a booking one day ahead.
    2. Write ‘TRIAL DAY’ under notes.
    3. Wait until you receive your entry code then come in and work.

    Come in for a trial day and test us!

    What do people say who have been to our office?