Welcometo the joint project
of Eco-Office and Mini Garden!

Together, collaboratively.

Eco garden -
the green community

As a result of the collaboration between Mini Garden, the expert in indoor plants, and Eco Office co-working space, our office has gained a new dimension. The space filled with green plants not only refreshes the working environment but also fosters creativity and efficiency. Thank you for joining us in the joint initiative of Eco Office and Mini Garden to create a harmonious and livable workspace together!

Health, Consciousness, and
Inspiration in Everyday Life

The power and positive effects of plants go far beyond aesthetics and decoration. We believe that the proximity to nature can bring significant improvement in both human well-being and environmental awareness. Plants are not just aesthetic accessories but genuine enhancers of life quality.

The natural green sight is not only visually pleasing, but science also confirms its positive impact on our mental well-being. The vibrant green colors have a soothing effect, reduce stress, and aid in relaxation. The eco-friendly aura of our plants carries an encouragement for a sustainable lifestyle.

Plants not only make the work environment more livable but also have a positive impact on air quality. During photosynthesis, they produce oxygen and filter and humidify the air, thereby improving indoor climate and reducing toxins. This is particularly important in offices where various harmful substances are often present in the air.

A healthy environment filled with plants stimulates creativity and productivity. The presence of natural elements has an inspiring effect on people's thinking and mood. This directly influences how effectively and qualitatively we perform our work.

Last but not least, caring for and nurturing plants is a positive activity in itself. It requires responsibility and care, serving as a kind of mindfulness practice, helping to overcome stress and restlessness.

We believe that an environment filled with plants contributes to the development of a consciousness-based, sustainable lifestyle and enhances both the health and happiness of individuals.



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